Friends Bat for Will

We were offered an opportunity to have an exhibition in our hometown of Robertson NSW. After travelling throughout Australia and connecting with many new communities and people I felt how would it be … Read More


Rainbow is a small town of 700 located in the Mallee region of rural Victoria. It is surrounded by many more small towns including Warracknabeal. Rainbow is home to our Exhibition in October and we ha… Read More

Launching Willo HQ

A milestone was reached recently with the opening our our national office – Willo HQ. With 2 years behind us, close to 30,000 km’s on the road, 150 hours of driving, 427 creatively painted… Read More

World Autism Awareness Day

What does this mean for us? It means asking our communities to slow down in our daily lives to notice our children. It means taking responsibility as community members to consciously include people wi… Read More


We have driven close to 7000km’s with 60 hours in the car to reach Warooka in the Southern Yorke Peninsula. We have shared many hours of planning, developed friendships and connected with a communit… Read More


Our biggest Exhibition to date with close to 90 artists coming together from around Perth. For many of the artists it is their second time to paint for Willo in an extraordinary show of support. Worki… Read More


Resilience has been a big part of Will’s life. Without it, I am sure we would have taken a much different path. The ability to keep rising and to see options and seek answers are all part of our… Read More

The Bellarine

I met Melanie Macilwain from Geelong online recently. Mel and Willo were supporting #artforbales and #buyabale and through a series of circumstances … connected. Mels beautiful art and her pass… Read More

The Yorke Peninsula

We recently spent an unforgettable week in the Yorke Peninsula with the communities at the “bottom end”. On the invitation of Steph Ball from the Ballara Art and Lifestyle Retreat in Waro… Read More

The Willo Hub

The Willo Exhibitions have created so much awareness around Will. We truly hope it has also created awareness around the need for more inclusion and acceptance of our children who are living with need… Read More

The Legacy of Bul

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Timbermill Studio Bats For Will

The Kiama Exhibition paved the way forward for Willo. Kathryn and her amazing team of local artists, restaurants and businesses showed us the strength of community and how we could potentially take th… Read More


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HMAS Albatross

Late last year we met Commodore Chris Smallhorn and his wife Kerina from HMAS Albatross in NSW Australia who suggested the idea of sharing the bats with members of the Royal Australian Navy. Little di… Read More

Community and Family

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The Paddlers

We are always so grateful for the connections and friendships we make along the way with Willo Cricket Bats. Over the past 18 months we have met the most generous, creative and supportive people wanti… Read More

Kiama Bats for Willo Exhibition

On the 17th January 2018 an Exhibition of over 50 bats from artists within the Kiama community will be showcased and auctioned. If ever the phrase “from little things big things grow” was … Read More


The power of community and the generosity surrounding community will never cease to amaze us. This connection to Kiama all began from a message from Kathryn, the owner of the Beachside Emporium. She w… Read More


What started as a brief email from Hamish and the Bats4life team in Melbourne has now concluded in a showing of over 100 cricket bats painted by artists from all around Australia to support Willo and … Read More


I have thought for some time about the stories we share here and the beautiful moments that have significantly changed Wills day and life through the cricket bats. Will has gathered a following for hi… Read More

Bats4life and Willo

Earlier this year we were contacted by Hamish from Bats4life. Bats4life began when Hamish (co-founder) was approached by a family friend, Roger, who knew Hamish had a strong passion and love for the g… Read More

Launching Willo

To launch Willo was to celebrate a milestone. It was to share the renovation of our beautiful old red rattler, showcase the stunning art that has come to us in the form of old refurbished cricket bats… Read More

Our Train needs Graffiti

Lets just say a friend of a friend suggested we should graffiti the train .. and we know the perfect person!. I met our artist early Saturday morning … the sun was just peeping over the horizon … Read More

SBS Small Business Secrets and Willo

An interesting phone call came through this particular day  … “hi Ange .. this is ?  from SBS Small Biz Secrets .. its a show about interesting businesses and what they can share. We&#82… Read More

Willo and Peter Kazacos

So the journey continues with Willo and we move seamlessly from working cricket bats to looking more like a little business. A business which has the potential to be a model for other young people liv… Read More

Willo Industries

The exhibition and display were a huge success for Willo and we thought now we may have time to stop and breathe and see where this goes. Not to be! We had so much interest from artists from around Au… Read More

Willo at the Bowral Bookstore

Prior to the Exhibition we approached the Bowral Bookshop about the idea of showcasing the bats in their window.  They had always supported our projects and welcomed the idea of displaying the bats. … Read More

Where do we go from here?

There was not a lot of time post the Exhibition to think about where we go from here. Already bats were coming into us as our audience grew. The 7:30 Report and the Exhibition opened the door to a new… Read More

ABC 7:30 Report

Through our friend Matt Watson we were questioned early on about the idea of taking Wills Cricket Bats to the media. Matt told me it was a great story and needed to be shared because of its ability to… Read More

The Exhibition

The bats certainly have a life … It was decided at some point along this journey that we should showcase the bats and share the creativity with our community. So many people know Will and have b… Read More

The Bats Have a Life

The momentum continues. So many artists are coming to us wanting to work with Will, to support our endeavour of starting the business and I feel, to be connected with something special. Each day as qu… Read More

Where there’s a Will

My son has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Which means he has a spectrum of disorders. Wills spectrum includes an inability to read and write, delayed language skills and limited convers… Read More