About Willo Industries

Willo Industries, based in Robertson, NSW (Australia), is a unique business that seamlessly celebrates art, sport, and the ability in disability. It is a place of friendship, learning, endeavour, and creativity. 

Currently, Willo Industries has a focus on preparing used cricket bats to be used as exciting art canvases. Hand-picked and saved from the refuse, these cricket bats are lovingly sanded back by Will Clarke and his team throughout Australia. Will prepares the surface of the bats for artists to then apply their creative artworks.

However, Willo Industries isn’t your typical creative recycling business. How many other small businesses have a coterie of well-known artists, famous musicians, high profile sporting greats, and national celebrities providing their creative talents to help develop a business for people living with disabilities.

We have engaged with indigenous artists, school children and professionals. Sports teams, singers and firefighters have all come together to support the development of Willo Industries.

His creativity has lead to a following, a connection and a support for all things possible in creating an awareness around ability. It has also lead to building a sustainable and creative business.

Within Willo Industries we will soon be offering opportunities to more people living with disabilities to help restore the cricket bats in Willo Communities around Australia and prepare them for our artists. 

We believe every person should have choice and an environment of care and awareness.

“Due to limited work options and no clear pathway for Will’s future, Willo Industries was created”